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To quickly regain control of a problem one addresses the most pressing symptoms. But to solve it properly one eventually has to deal with the root causes.

In the long run "more of the same as before" never works.

There are the classes of problems in IT: Interpersonal ones, inter-team ones, an trivial ones.

If it isn't documented, it doesn't work—according to documentation.

Blind faith is better than any monitoring. You just have to be faithful...

Security and safety are foremost a matter of architecture rather than patchlevels.

What isn't there can't break.

Brain power only works so far as a substitute for hardware.

Hardware only works so far as a substitute for brain power.

In case you wonder about that motto in the logo: You can either read it as "To solve a problem you have to get to its bottom" or "to solve a problem you have to get to its root cause". The German word "Grund" means both "bottom" in the physical sense and "(root) cause".

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