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IPv6: Consulting, Training, Projects and Studies

IPv6-related Services

  • Deployment Projects
    • Operational Procedure Specifications
    • Support with System Configuration
    • Troubleshooting
  • Consulting and Coaching
    • Management Briefings
    • Project Team Coachings
    • Projekt Plan Reviews
    • Project Resource Estimates
  • Training
    • System and Network Administration
    • Programming and Porting
    • Security
    • Protocol Internals
  • Project Preparations
    • Network Planning and Design
    • Deployment Planning
    • Product Tests
  • Post Deployment Optimizations
    • Clean-ups of IPv4 Legacy Issues
    • Extended Use of IPv6-only Capabilities
  • Studies
    • Generic Deployment Strategies
    • IPv6-related Security Issues
    • ... and more

Project Experience

  • Internet Service Providers
    (T-Online/Deutsche Telekom and others)
  • Financial Services
    (Dresdner Bank, SWIFT, DVAG and others)
  • Public Sector
    (Federal Office for IT Security (BSI), Hessian Center for Data Processing, and others)
  • Publishers
    (Burda and others)
  • Scientific Research Institues
    (Max-Planck-Society and others)
  • IT Security Industry
    (GeNUA, NCP and others)
  • Hardware and Software Vendors
    (Lucent, Texas Instruments and others)
  • IT Service Providers
  • Data Center Operators
  • ... and others

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