BIVBlog #16: Setting up a diskless installer

With the rescue system from the previous two episodes in place, it is almost straightforward to extend it such that it caters for the installation of pre-built disk images on the target machines.

Table of Contents

00:01:50 A quick demo of the installer system
00:06:35 Why to use images rather than installing packages
00:09:30 Custom tailored install scripts vs. off-the-shelf provisioning tools
00:11:23 A walk through the installer internals
00:18:36 Install/configuration (provisioning) frameworks vs. configuration management frameworks
00:21:26 Security considerations
00:22:55 Compressed vs. uncompressed images
00:25:34 Different approaches, and off-the-shelf solutions
00:26:10 Performance considerations


An archive of the various files used in this episode.
Update: Here is a slightly extended version as explained in episode #17.


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