BIVBlog #25: Highlights from RIPE-68 and about my secret project

Here are my personal highlights from last week’s RIPE-68 in Warsaw/Poland, and some quick info on a secret little project of mine.

Table of Contents

00:00:45 Netconf/Yang tutorial (sorry, no video)
00:02:30 Geoff Huston on BGP in 2013
00:04:25 Dave Wilon on What went wrong with IPv6?
00:05:21 Jari Arkko on Strengthening the Internet against pervasive monitoring
00:06:15 Shane Kerr on The decline and fall of BIND 10
00:06:50 Helge Holz on Painting by numbers
00:07:21 Ragnar Anfinssen on Balancing end-user security and end-to-end connectivity
00:08:40 Sander Steffan on RIPE-554bis
00:09:30 Changes in the IPv6 working group chair team…
00:10:45 25 years of RIPE, and Rob Blokzijl resigning as the RIPE NCC overlord
00:11:35 Randy Bush on Cryptech
00:12:00 A premature disclosure of my secret little project: A hardware random number generator


Long term IPv6 evangelist/book author/trainer/consultant and generic Unix guy (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and about a dozen more).


  1. Kasper Pedersen

    RNGs: From the need for 12V, I can probably guess what your basic design is. A few years ago, when game ports were still popular on PCs, I did a 5V-only thermal noise source.

    That was what I ended up with once I had considered manufacturing and testability. If you go this route, mail me. There are some layout tricks.

    • Benedikt Stockebrand

      Hi Kasper,

      no, it’s not a thermal noise source, but a Zener/avalanche diode. The idea is that it is meant to be built from general-purpose, widely available components and is done in such a way that anybody with an oscilloscope and some basic knowledge how to use it can actually verify that it hasn’t been tampered with.

      The core circuit I am currently using (excluding the step-up converter, microcontroller and USB interface chip) gets away with a zener diode, two transistors, two capacitors and five resistors.

      Last night I’ve tried to record an overview episode over the hardware design I use so far, but it turned out *way* too long. If I find the time tonight, I’ll give it another try.



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