BIVBlog #31: More news on the Hardware Random Number Generator

Some crazy things have happened since the previous episode: There were rather mysterious test results with different Zener diodes that took me some time to figure out, I’m actively joining forces with the Cryptech project and I’ve ordered the first generation of proper test PCBs among other things.

Table of Contents

00:00:32 More surprises searching for suitable Zener/avalanche diodes
00:00:55 Wasting three weeks on generating useless test data for dieharder
00:02:15 Contacting the Cryptech project
00:02:47 Trying to buy more “working” Zener/avalanche diodes
00:03:50 Running into rather mysterious test failures…
00:04:35 …by screwing up a Makefile
00:05:40 How to deal with through-hole components?
00:06:06 Re-investigating the BE junction in bipolar junction transistors
00:06:45 What about a reliable supply for noise sources?
00:09:00 Ordering PCBs from Seeedstudio and writing things down
00:09:38 Joining and meeting the Cryptech crowd
00:11:00 More ideas on testing, and struggling with customs
00:13:25 More on Casper Pedersen’s suggestion on using the BAT85 hack
00:15:12 Board sizes, and possible future variants
00:17:10 Plans on upcoming episodes


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