BIVBlog #36: News from RIPE-72

The RIPE-72 meeting in København (Copenhagen (Denmark)) from March 23–27, 2016 showed a remarkable prominence of IPv6 related matters. Yes, we (as in “the Internet community”) do make progress, and the presentations clearly show so, which is a Good Thing[TM] to happen.

Not quite as inspiring is the fact that the IP address market is rapidly spinning out of control. The strain on the community, and the policy decisions made under pressure from the address peddlers^Wbrokers in both the address policy working group and the NCC general assembly, clearly show that IPv4 is rapidly approaching an “every man for himself” stage.

Table of Contents

00:00:18 Conference souvenirs 🙂
00:01:08 Towel day at a RIPE meeting
00:01:55 IPv6 news and presentations
00:03:50 IPv4 death throes in the address policy working group and beyond


Towel Day at Wikipedia
Video archives at RIPE


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