BIVBlog #44: Thoughts on the RIPE-73 Meeting in Madrid

If there are two things to learn from all the new information presented at last week’s (October 24–28, 2016) RIPE-73 meeting in Madrid/Spain, then it’s that IPv4 is quickly going down the drain and IPv6 deployment are still in many areas lacking to replace it.

Table of Contents

00:01:45 The BCOP (Best Current Operational Practice) folks—and myself—addressing IPv6 software development
00:02:50 Marcus Keane on IPv6 in the Microsoft company networks, dual-stacking and legacy hardware
00:05:10 Ioana Livadariu on (the hopelessness) of measuring the (IPv4 address) transfer market
00:07:45 The Address Policy working group and why finding a consensus on IPv4 address policy changes is no longer possible
00:11:45 Anna Wilson asking what could define “success” with regard to IPv6
00:13:55 Geoff Houston on latency and (un)reliability


The RIPE-73 pages
with all the presentations, including recordings and slide sets from the RIPE-73 meeting.
The RIPE NCC pages
where you can access and join the RIPE community mailing lists.
Geoff Houston’s website
with all sorts of interesting stats and presentations.


Long term IPv6 evangelist/book author/trainer/consultant and generic Unix guy (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and about a dozen more).

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