BIVBlog #6: Dynamic IPv6 address rant

If you think that IPv6 had enough addresses to let you have some static ones for your home, then think again. After all, for the ISPs IPv6 is not about giving proper Internet access to people again, but about making money fast.

Table of Contents

00:00:10 News from the ITU…
00:01:10 The dynamic IPv6 address privacy nonsene
00:02:20 Why people don’t realize they are short-changed
00:03:15 Why “Internet access” shouldn’t be a one-way thing
00:03:40 Workarounds vs. reliability
00:04:10 Why DynDNS doesn’t work reliably
00:04:30 Reliability and home automation
00:04:58 The privacy lie
00:05:30 Business models
00:05:57 Consumers vs. business customers
00:06:48 The ISP’s flatrate problem
00:09:20 Effects to the Internet community at large
00:09:30 Economies of scale
00:10:15 Walled gardens
00:10:50 Impact on home router manufacturers
00:12:20 Being restricted to externally provided services
00:12:55 Trying to build your own services, and innovation blockade
00:13:38 Impact on home automation/”Internet of Things”
00:14:00 Limitations of workarounds
00:14:28 Being at the mercy of hardware manufacturers
00:15:50 Learning from history—or not

Terminology, Abbreviations, and References

International Telecommunication Union
Virtual private network, a way to securely connect trusted devices or networks across the Internet
Internet service provider, the people we pay to provide us Internet access
A way to update a DNS name whenever one’s dynamic IP address changes
A popular microcontroller based prototyping platform, for the idiotizer box resistant minority
The Onion Router, a free anonymizing network
Raspberry Pi
A small, low price computer running Linux (and more), originally built for educational purposes and now widely used to improve one’s idiotizer resistance level
Economics of Scale
Why products get a success only when being produced and sold in huge numbers
Internet Protocol TeleVision, a way to get “content” for your idiotizer box over IP
Customer Premises Equipment (aka. “home router”)
Customer Edge Router (aka. “company router”)
Walled garden
Something the established carriers like to sell you instead of Internet access
Use this if your idiotizer box alone doesn’t get the job done
A historic attempt of the telephony industry to implement some rudimentary e-mail (charged on a per-use basis)


Long term IPv6 evangelist/book author/trainer/consultant and generic Unix guy (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and about a dozen more).

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