BIVBlog #9: Configurables—the good, the bad, the ugly and the cute

What makes good, or bad, configurables, how do I tell them apart and why should I actually bother to look?

Table of Contents

00:01:00 Good configurables
00:02:35 Bad configurables
00:03:28 The impact of bad configurables
00:05:02 Ugly configurables
00:07:28 Cute configurables
00:08:33 Default settings
00:09:17 Historic default settings
00:11:12 Why is this important?
00:12:55 Operational costs of bad configurables
00:13:42 Reliability effects


Long term IPv6 evangelist/book author/trainer/consultant and generic Unix guy (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and about a dozen more).

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