BIVBlog #21: Why IPv6 is more than a “network job”

If you think that IPv6 is a “network job”, you are in for a nasty surprise: The fun really only starts once the network provides IPv6 and you have to make your applications IPv6-aware. And even that’s not primarily a technical job…

Table of Contents

00:00:18 The traditional schematic TCP/IP stack
00:01:00 IPv6 effects beyond the network layer
00:01:50 IPv6 addresses and violating the layer separation
00:02:30 The “real” TCP/IP stack and why IPv6 is an application job
00:04:15 The “real” “extended” TCP/IP stack and why IPv6 is a people job
00:04:30 Layer 8: Users, developers and admins
00:06:30 Layer 9: Non-technical management
00:08:10 Layer 10: Politics
00:09:33 Layer 11: Churches 🙂


Long term IPv6 evangelist/book author/trainer/consultant and generic Unix guy (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and about a dozen more).

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