BIVBlog #22: DHCPv6 or Stateless Address Autoconfiguration for IPv6?

In virtually all IPv6 trainings and consulting sessions the question pops up if DHCPv6 or Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) is the way to go. Here’s why you quite likely need both.

Table of Contents

00:00:25 What do you want to configure?
00:00:40 What you need DHCPv6 for
00:01:05 The big surprise: Default routes
00:02:00 The RFC perspective
00:02:22 On violating the protocol layers
00:04:20 What about address configuration?
00:05:30 Use and limitations of DHCPv6 server address lease logs
00:06:45 Effects on the “Internet of Things”
00:09:30 Effects on amateur home users
00:11:50 The concept of orthogonality
00:12:58 Why DHCP address configuration sucks: A case study


Long term IPv6 evangelist/book author/trainer/consultant and generic Unix guy (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and about a dozen more).

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