BIVBlog #40: Microcontroller Compiler Suites

With the programmer hard- and software taken care of in the previous episode, the last components missing are the compiler suites for the various platforms. Once we’ve taken a look at the GCC variants for the Atmel AVR and Texas Instruments MSP430 and the SDCC for the Microchip PIC families of microcontrollers, our set of tools specific to microcontroller programming is complete.

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BIVBlog #37: Microcontroller Toolchain Bootstrap Fundamentals

Getting started with microcontrollers isn’t exactly easy. This video is the first of a series of episodes that give a somewhat non-standard introduction; not only do I take a comparative approach, examining the Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC and Texas Instruments MSP430 families in parallel, I also use Linux and various open source development tools (with various limitations and extra handicaps) rather than the manufacturer-provided ones, and I even try to write code in a way compatible between the architectures.

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BIVBlog #36: News from RIPE-72

The RIPE-72 meeting in KĂžbenhavn (Copenhagen (Denmark)) from March 23–27, 2016 showed a remarkable prominence of IPv6 related matters. Yes, we (as in “the Internet community”) do make progress, and the presentations clearly show so, which is a Good Thing[TM] to happen.

Not quite as inspiring is the fact that the IP address market is rapidly spinning out of control. The strain on the community, and the policy decisions made under pressure from the address peddlers^Wbrokers in both the address policy working group and the NCC general assembly, clearly show that IPv4 is rapidly approaching an “every man for himself” stage.

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BIVBlog #35: Thin Clients and Beyond

If thin clients like the SunRays I’ve shown in BIVBlog #34 were so appealing to users, system administrators and managers alike, then why did they stay a niche product? And why does nobody care about them anymore?

The answers to these questions are interesting not only with regard to thin clients, or SunRays, but to the design of virtually any IT system that is meant for real world end users.

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BIVBlog #33: ICMPv6 (ICMP for IPv6) Filtering

Filtering ICMP packets for IPv6 (or ICMPv6, or ICMP6, depending on the texts you read) is somewhat daunting at first. But once you’ve thrown your fears and possibly dogmatic attitude towards ICMP out the window, setting up a reasonable packet filter configuration is actually fairly straightforward.

This video is basically a translated re-run of a presentation I’ve held at the Heise/DE-CIX IPv6 Conference here in Frankfurt (Germany) last year (2014) on special request by Carsten Schmoll of Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin (also here in Germany).

The slides are available here.

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